1.    Does Noor Ophthalmology Hospital have an International Patient Department (IPD) unit?
Yes, Noor Highly-Specialized Ophthalmology Hospital is Iran’s most prestigious private ophthalmology center, which operates under the IPD unit by obtaining legal licenses for the organization and reception of foreign patients and offering special services to them.

2.    How can I contact the IPD unit of Noor Hospital?
You can contact it via one of the following ways:
Email: noorhospital_ipd@yahoo.com
Phone: +982182401645
Cellphone and WhatsApp:
WhatsApp: +989912909843 Ms. Farzaneh Vafajoo
WhatsApp: +989120994170 Ms. Mina Momeni Pour
By calling Noor Ophthalmology Hospital Contact Center: +982182400
In-person appointment: Get an appointment in person by visiting Noor Ophthalmology Clinic.

3.    How to get access to Noor Ophthalmology Hospital?
This hospital is located in the north of Tehran and can be accessed through Imam Khomeini International Airport, Mehrabad Airport, railway and intercity passenger terminals.

4.    Is it difficult to travel to Iran for the treatment of eye diseases?
By no means. Traveling to Iran and using the services of Noor Highly-Specialized Hospital is very easy and possible for all patients from all over the world.

5.    What surgeries are performed for foreign patients at Noor Hospital?
All common ophthalmic surgeries such as cataract, glaucoma, Femto Lasik, Femto Smile, PRK, intraocular lens implantation, blepharoplasty, strabismus and camera can be performed.

6.    How much does surgery cost at Noor Hospital?
Noor Hospital has very reasonable and competitive prices compared to similar centers in Asia, Europe and the United States. You can refer to treatment packages for the details of surgery costs.
Note: The cost of treating foreign patients at Noor Ophthalmology Hospital is received in foreign currency (USD or EUR).

7.    Does the hospital give hotel or accommodation to foreign patients?
Yes, it is now possible for international patients. Near Noor Ophthalmology Hospital is a fully furnished apartment hotel of Noor Hospital, which you can use to coordinate with the IPD partners before entering Iran.

8.    I do not know Persian. How can I talk to you?
Our partners in the IPD section of Noor Ophthalmology Hospital welcome you by professional translators (Arabic, English, French, etc.) and speak to you in your native language.

9.    I am worried about traffic in Tehran and will probably arrive with a delay at Noor Hospital on the day of surgery. What solution do you suggest?
Don’t worry. On the day of surgery, you can use the free shuttle service from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa. Additionally, If you are staying at Noor Hospital Apartment Hotels you are less than two minutes away from Noor Ophthalmology Hospital and Clinic.

10.    How can I get in touch with Noor Hospital after returning to my country?
The contact of the IPD partners of Noor Ophthalmology Hospital will never be interrupted. Ask your questions through the Contact Section and get answers in a short time.