Motahhari Noor eye clinic

The super speciality ophthalmology clinic of Noor-e-Motahari started its work at June 1994 with the aim of providing the most favorable ophthalmology services to all patients, especially needy and low income people; before establishment of this clinic, there was no similar treatment center for ophthalmology services, hence it was necessary to set up such an ophthalmology complex.
Shortly after the establishment of Noor-e- Motahari clinic, it was equipped with the first Iranian ophthalmic laser device and since then it has been able to offer very different and effective services to patients.
Now Motahari Ophthalmology Clinic follows all the standards of super specialty Noor Eye Hospital. By using the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and the presence of highly experienced specialists and nurses in the field of ophthalmology, it offers all specialty and super specialty clinical and para-clinical ophthalmology services to patients.
The Ophthalmology Clinic of Noor-e- Motahari is located in the center of Tehran. Patients from all parts of Tehran can easily go to the clinic with public transportation vehicles (subway, bus, taxi) or even with personal vehicles; of course with having traffic license and finding parking.
Also, this complex has cooperation contract with basic insurances include Social Security Organization, Iranian Health Insurance Organization and insurance of Armed forces for patients' well-being and covers other supplementary insurance and organizations of the country, in accordance with the Memoranda between them.
Take a look at the most common diagnostic and therapeutic services at Motahari Clinic:

Examination of anterior-posterior segment of the eyeball


Eyelid and blocked tear ducts (Lacrimal ducts) treatment

Visual field test

Refractive errors correction

Examination of lacrimal system

Cataract treatment

contrast sensitivity test

Retinal surgery

Retinal blood vessels examination

Corneal surgery

Visual cortex examination

Glaucoma treatment

Examination of cornea

Treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and Strabismus


* Contact guide:
Address: Motahari St., after the street Suhrawardi, Yousefian St., No. 121
Message center and phone call: 42313