Motahhari Noor eye clinic

Noor Ophthalmology Complex began its activity in May 1993 with the launch of the first subspecialty clinic in Iran, on Motahari St in Tehran. The clinic was the first phase of Noor projects, with the aim of providing the most desirable ophthalmic services to all patients, especially poor and low-income classes.

Shortly after the establishment of this clinic, the first ophthalmologic laser was utilized, and since then, it has been able to offer a variety of effective services to ophthalmic patients.

It was then expanded in 2013 by launching the new building, followed by increasing the capacity of operating rooms.

Today, this center follows all the standards presented in Noor Eye Hospital. By using the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools and the presence of the most experienced ophthalmologists and ophthalmic nurses, it is able to provide the optimal general, specialty, and subspecialty clinical and paraclinical services to its compatriots.

Surgical Ward

Motahari Noor Eye Complex has two separate buildings for surgery, consisting of 8 operating rooms with full surgical equipment and facilities, and a hospitalization ward.

The total capacity of the surgical ward in Motahari Noor Clinic is responsive to admitting and performing 3000-3500 surgeries per month.

In this complex, in addition to performing specialty and subspecialty eye surgeries, orbital surgeries, and surgeries common between ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology are performed too.

Insurance Coverage

In order to address patients’ well-being, Motahari Noor Subspecialty Eye Clinic accepts all basic insurances including Social Security Organization, Iranian Insurance, the Armed Force Insurance, and other insurances, both organizational and complementary.



Motahari Noor Subspecialty Eye Clinic

No. 121, Shahid Yousefian St., Shahid Motahari Ave., Tehran, Iran

phone: (+9821) 42313

Fax: (+9821)42182460



including retina, glaucoma (blue water), strabismus and ocular deviation, cornea and external eye diseases, cosmetic eye clinic services including eyelid surgery, Botox injections and ...


Eye examination


Topography, Pentacam, Pachymetry, Orbscan, OCT




Angiography, Fundus Photography, Retina laser, SLT, PDT


Ophthalmic services related to retinal and diabetic eye diseases




Special ophthalmic services for patients with dry eye


Echography, Tonometry, Perimetry, IOL Master


Paraclinical services


Femto-LASIK, LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Intraocular lenses implantation to correct refractive errors


Refractive surgeries


Cataract Surgery, Strabismus and ocular deviation, Glaucoma surgery (Blue water), Retina surgery, Corneal transplantation with the newest surgical procedures, Cosmetic eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)


Intraocular surgeries


Manufacturing and fitting eyeglasses (frames and lenses) with advanced equipment




Eye examination, prescribing and training on the use of contact lenses


Contact lens clinic