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Noor Ophthalmology Complex became operational in 1993 by establishing the first ophthalmology subspecialty clinic in Iran. This clinic, located in Motahari St., was the first stage of Noor activities, and is still operational. It will enter a new chapter with new buildings and state-of-the-art equipment in 2013. Subspecialists in all fields of ophthalmology are present in Motahari Noor Clinic to examine and treat patients. All ophthalmology services from primary examinations, imaging, optometry to advanced surgeries like cornea grafting are conducted in this center.

The vision of Noor Complex is that each client can enjoy their unique ophthalmology services in the clinic nearest to them and without trouble of frequent commutes.

Establishing Noor Subspecialty Ophthalmology Hospital in Esfandiar Blvd in 2007 was the continuation of the movement that began in 1993 and developed in 2000 by excimer clinic in BabakBahrami St.  Noor Hospital was the first private ophthalmology hospital in Iran that enjoyed referral and subspecialty consultingsystems, dexterous updated ophthalmologists, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, skillful and kind personnel, and a relaxing and beautiful environment.  All these came to furnish our clients with decent services and pioneer in scientific, practical and technological arena and maintain its superiority in the country and the region.

This was the first time that all ophthalmologic services from the very basic to the most advanced surgeries were provided in a building, and patients did not need to leave the building to complete their diagnostic and therapeutic process.

Some achievements of Noor Ophthalmology Complex are as follows:

  • Conducting the first surgery for refractive errors using excimer and lasik in Iran
  • Conducting the first laser surgery to correct corneal opacities
  • Conducting the highest number of surgeries to correct refractive errors in Iran and the Middle East
  • Implanting intracorneal rings to correct myopia and kertoconus for the first time in Iran
  • Conducting the first surgery to correct hyperopia using conductive waves
  • Implainting intraocular lenses to correct myopia
  • Conducting the first cataract surgery using Phyco method
  • Conducting the first cataract surgery using laser
  • Establishing the first diabetes clinic to prevent ophthalmologic problems of diabetic patients in Iran
  • Conducting the modern techniques of cornea grafting

Alborz Noor Clinic is established

Alborz Noor Clinic, the third largest member of Noor Ophthalmology family, became operational in July 2013, and was officially inaugurated in September 2013, with the presence of governmental authorities in Karaj City. This clinic, having the state-of-the-art equipment, can meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of ophthalmology patients in Alborz Province and its neighboring provinces like Zanjan and Qazvin, and prevent their commute to Tehran.

A major part of human force in this center is comprised of experienced personnel of Noor Hospital, and the ophthalmologists are mostly from Tehran Noor Ophthalmology Complex. In addition to regular ophthalmology visits, optometry, imaging, refractive error surgeries like lasik are provided for residents of Alborz Province and the neighboring cities.